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CES 24 Conference Organising Team

The conference is hosted in Durham by the Durham Cultural Evolution Research Centre (DCERC) with administrative assistance from the CES Transformation Fund team.

Local Organisers

Ellie Donnelly (EDI)

Emily Jeffries (social media, graphic design & ECRs)

Rohan Kapitany (science communication)

Jeremy Kendal (hybrid provision)

Rachel Kendal (chair)

Sheina Lew-Levy (social media & ECRs)

Bruce Rawlings (sponsorship & EDI)

Eva Reindl (sponsorship & ECRs)

Sally Street (EDI)

Amanda Tan (sponsorship & EDI)

Sarah Wright (social media, ECRs, EDI)

Scientific Committee

Local members: Rob Barton, Jeremy Kendal, Rachel Kendal, Bruce Rawlings, Sally Street, Amanda Tan

External members: John Bunce (CES Conference liaison), Cristina Moya