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Equality, Diversity, and Inclusivity (EDI) is at the forefront of the CES Conference 2024 (and Capstone conference). Below are the EDI initiatives we have put in place to ensure our conference is as accessible as possible for all. This list will be updated when new EDI initiatives are confirmed or further details become available. If you have any suggestions or requests, please get in touch via our email or social media, linked at the bottom of the page.

  • Anonymous abstract submission for CES 24 – In line with CES Equality, Diversity and Inclusion aims, all abstracts will be reviewed anonymously to reduce subconscious bias and ensure a balanced and diverse conference programme. We welcome abstracts from anyone on any aspect of cultural evolution.
  • A hybrid event – This conferences will be both in person in Durham and held online for those people with disabilities, caring responsibilities, or who can’t fly or attend in person to still be able to take part.
  • Inclusivity awards for CES 24 – To increase accessibility to students, un/under-waged delegates, those who face extra barriers to attend, as well as attendees from low and middle income countries, we are committed to helping with travel grants and fee waivers to get people to CES2024 who otherwise couldn’t attend. More details on how to apply for these funds are available on the Inclusivity Awards page.
  • Working Parents/Guardians/Carers – We are hoping to provide a crèche (certified child-care) in the conference venue for our delegates at no extra charge. More information will be shared during registration. Individuals may chest-feed anywhere on site and a lactation room will be available throughout the conference for those who need it. CES 24 fee waivers are open to those who face other types of caring costs in attending the conference. Themed Discussion Sessions will be scheduled during the conference day to increase inclusivity as such informal conversations otherwise often occur in the evenings.
  • Gender neutral bathrooms – These will be provided as well as single sex ones.
  • Disabilities/Neurodivergence – Accessible bedrooms are available in the college accommodation on offer; all venues (conference, evening events) are wheel chair accessible with lifts provided if necessary. A quiet room is available in the conference venue to ensure everyone can take breaks or rest as needed to feel comfortable throughout the day. During abstract submission you are offered the opportunity to indicate any needs you may have in order to present your talk/poster comfortably. NB. Durham is very small but fairly steep hills (sometimes cobblestones) between venues are unavoidable – please get in touch if this may be problematic for you.
  • Early Career Researchers – We are putting together an ECR Guidebook to conferences for those new to academia and conferences. We will also have tailored ECR events throughout the CES 24 conference to meet other researchers at a similar stage and useful workshops scheduled in the programme. The Guidebook will be shared on our website and social media soon, and a link will be added here then. We have reserved plenty of very affordable bedrooms in Durham University’s Colleges that are close to the conference venue.
  • Religious observance – We have access to Durham University’s Islamic Prayer Room, which is a short walk from the conference venue and can be used for multi-faith prayer and quiet reflection during the conference. Additionally, the conference catering will be completely vegetarian with many vegan options, both for sustainability purposes and to ensure a wider range of options that meet religious dietary requirements.

If you have an accessibility request that we have not met, please get in touch and we will endeavour to meet your needs. Use the email link at the bottom of this page, or see the end of the Code of Conduct for contact details of the EDI Committee.

See our Code of Conduct below for how we expect our delegates, attendees and organisers to treat each other at CES 2024 (and the Capstone conference).